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Best Electric Cool Box Reviews of 2017

Are you getting ready for those long camping trips, picnics or barbecues in the summer but are you tired of food spoiling because of the heat? You could use a portable electric cool-box on the move to keep food/drinks cool.

When you’re shopping around for cool boxes there are so many options that it can become difficult to find one that suits your needs. With so many models it can be difficult to find a suitable unit.

Here at BestElectricCoolboxGuide we want to make it easy for you to find a suitable electric cooler for your home and when traveling. We are committed to providing the most unbiased reviews out there.

In the course of our research we have considered many coolers and have come up with a shortlist of the best out there. If you’re ready to invest in a electric cooler, then checkout our top picks in the following table.

Best Electric Cool Boxes 2017

To find out more about the most popular coolers that cater for differing needs, use the following table to select a suitable unit and also read our buying guide.


(Best Rated)
29Check Price
35Check Price
Powerbox 24L
24Check Price
Royal Coolbox
25Check Price
48Check Price
30 Litre
30Check Price

(Best Budget)
21Check Price
26Check Price

1 – Waeco/Mobicool U32 – (Best Rated)

Waeco/Mobicool UC32The Waeco/Mobicool U32 is a 12V powered cooler perfect for taking on a camping trip or for the car when out for a day trip.

The Waeca/Mobicool UC32 may look small on the outside but the internal size is definitely impressive with a large capacity of 29 litres.

You can plug in at home using the 240V adapter or into a “cigarette” lighter in your car or truck using an 12V power adapter.

Underneath the exterior this model has high quality full foam insulation that ensures the contents of the coolbox remain cool.

The lid comes with a cable compartment that easily stores away the cables when then are not needed.

The fan can become a slight noisy when its set at its full speed however if you switch it to the eco-setting during the night you will find it runs almost silent. The unit comes with a carrier handle to make transporting it easier when fully loaded.


  • 29 Litres capacity
  • 12 Volts DC
  • 230 Volts AC
  • Double fan system
  • CFC-free foam insulation
  • Power consumption DC: 47 watts
  • Carrier handle
  • Cable compartment in lid


The Waeco/Mobicool U32 is a great fridge all in all. You can easily power it using a lighter socket in a car, or using a mains socket indoors. You can also adjust the settings to reduce the energy consumption and noise levels.

A very popular model among users the Waeco/Mobicool U32 has over 170 user reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.0. Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.

2 – Waeco W35 Cool box

Waeco W35 The Waeco W35 operates at both 12V DC and 230V AC making versatile enough to to use at home or on the move. When you open the box you might be surprise to see both a mains and battery leads, which can sometimes cost you extra.

This unit definitely suits being used on a camping trip since it cools food and drinks quickly. It comes with a large capacity of 35 litres but ensure you don’t fill the cooler right to the top. Leaving some room at the top will allow for colder air to circulate to cool food quicker.

The fan does makes a slight humming noise but it shouldn’t be loud enough to trouble you whilst your sleeping. The unit is fairly easy to move around using the rear wheels and the front handle.


  • Voltage 12 volts DC,
  • 230 volts AC (220 – 240 V)
  • 50 Hz built-in adapter
  • 35 litre capacity
  • Insulation High quality full foam insulation of CFC-free polyurethane


If your after a cooler for a camping trip the Waeco W35 could be the one. It comes with clear and precise instructions. And with is large capacity of 35 litres you will manage to get in more than you think. It cools food and drink quickly, and you can run it off a 12V supply from the car or using the mains supply at the campsite.

It also comes highly recommended and rated by users. It has over 80 user reviews on Amazon with an impressive user rating of 4.7 stars out of 5.0. Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.

2- Campingaz 24L Coolbox

Campingaz Cool BoxOne of the best features of Campingaz 24L is compact, lightweight making it convenient for travelling. The unit weighs in at only 3.5 kilograms, which makes it easy to pick-up or bring around anywhere.

You can plug it at the cigarette lighter of the car or through a 12-volt DC. When it comes to capacity, Campingaz 24L also has a 24-liter storage space.

If you are going out somewhere for a picnic or outdoor activity, you can pack your favourite drinks and store it in this unit.

This unit can cool down your favourite drinks to 16°C below ambient temperature and it can also warm the drinks inside if you want it to.

The body and lid of this unit are actually made of sturdy PU foam which makes it very stable to use. It is built to withstand any bumps or movement during camping or travelling.


  • 24 litre / 36 litre capacity
  • Enhanced cooling performance
  • Quiet operation
  • Cable storage


The fact that it can be used for liquid and food items makes it very convenient to use in any types of activities. Aside from that, Campingaz 24L box uses a minimal amount of electricity or power which is a plus for individuals who really wanted to save energy while travelling long distance places. Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.

3 – Royal 25L

Royal Coolbox 25LThe Royal Coolbox 25L could be the perfect addition to your picnic hamper. It comes is a blue colour with a useful carry handle. If you someone who is always losing the adaptor, fear not this model comes with a cable compartment in the lid.

It connects to a 12V power supply so you can take use it whilst on a caravan trip. The units capacity of 25 litres is fairly big so it will allow you to cool a number of things at the same time.

Like similar electric coolers the fan in this will make a little noise. If you do turn it off during the evening it is well insulated and you should find that the contents are still relatively cool in the morning when you can turn it back on again.


  • 12V Adaptor
  • Integrated Cable Compartment In Lid
  • 25 Litre Capacity
  • Internal Fan
  • Dimensions: 390mm (W) x 440mm (H) x 280mm (D)


The Royal Coolbox 25L is a decent replacement for if your old cooler decides to pack up. Based on user feedback this model has gained in popularity. It has over 20 reviews on Amazon with a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5.0. Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.

5 – Mobicool W48 Coolbox

Mobicool W48The Mobicool W48 is a 12V DC model with a 48 litre capacity  that is perfect for a family to take on a summer break especially where they maybe taking enough food to last a couple of weeks away.

When you get the unit out of the box you will get both a cable to run the cooler out of a 12V car socket that is about 5 feet long and you also get a mains plug so you can power the W48 from a standard 3 pin socket.

The internal dimensions for the Mobicool W48 box  35cm H x  42cm L x 32cm W with a single divider to help keep things ordered. The unit is tall enough to hold a 2 litre bottle.

You can set this unit to full power, which is slightly noisier then the Eco mode that you could use overnight. Once the W48 is filled it can be quite heavy but you can easily wheel it around to where it is needed.


  • 12v DC
  • 48 litre capacity
  • 2 sturdy wheels
  • fold away handle
  • Will fit 2-litre bottles standing


The Mobicool W48 is huge inside, and comes with a Eco mode setting that is almost silent.
It keeps everything cold and can be plugged into a car/caravan during road trips and into the mains when you reach a campsite or at home.

The W48 is both spacious and easy to use, which makes it extremely popular and high recommended by users. It currently has 61 user reviews on Amazon with a user rating of 4.5 stars out 5.0. Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.

6 – Marko 30L Coolbox

Marko 30L CoolboxThe Marko 30L cooler is perfectly suited for use in a static caravan or when camping in a tent. You can use this unit to keep food and drink cool, or keep it warm if needed.

The model has a large 30 litre capacity so you can keep load of food fresh and with and estimated height of 350mm you can stand a 2litre bottle comfortably.

It can be powered at home using 240V supply or in the boot of your car from a 12V cigarette lighter. The dimensions of this unit are 44cm (H) x 40cm (D) x 31cm (D) making it compact enough to fit into the boot of a car.

As with similar units it comes with a fan that is fairly quiet, although you may hear it running during night but it should be quiet enough not to disturb your sleep.


  • Powered by both 12V DC and 240V AC
  • 30 Litre Capacity
  • Cooling capacity: 15-18°C below ambient temperature
  • Heating capacity: 50-65°C by thermostat
  • Insulates with solid polyurethane foam (CFC-free)
  • Indicator lights show hot/cold status
  • Approx External Dimensions: 44cm (H) x 40cm (D) x 31cm (D)
  • Approx Internal Dimensions: 350mm (H) x 335mm (W) x 245mm (D)


Whether your planning a camping trip or plan to stay on a campsite the Marko 30 litres unit provides an ample amount of space and ensures that food is kept cool and fresh.

Based on its good value and large capacity the Marko 30L has received positive user ratings. It has over 50 user ratings on Amazon with a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5.0. Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.

7 – VonShef Electric 21L – (Best Budget)

VonShef Electric 21L Insulated Cool BoxThe VonShef Electric 21L Box can be used to keep food cool throughout a camping trip or even during a picnic.

This model is sturdy, well made and available in a blue color. It comes with a substantial 21 litre capacity great for a large family picnic. The unit can be moved around using a sturdy carry handle with a lid lock. The lid lock ensures you get a great seal between the lid and the storage space ensuring the cool temperature is maintained.

Apart from the insulation keeping food cool you can plug the unit into the car’s 12V cigarette lighter and
it will ensure the cool temperature of drinks and food is maintained.

A neat feature you get with the VonShef 21L is that there is a small compartment on the lid where you can store the leads when not in use.


  • Large 22L capacity
  • Keeps food and drink cool to 8 -12°C
  • Powered by a 12V DC
  • Carry handle with lid lock
  • 2 Year Warranty


The VonShef Electric 21L model works great as a chiller and has loads of space for a family day out. Its highly recommended by users especially when traveling during the summer. The VonShef 21 electric cooler has received over 35 user reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.0. Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.

8 – Vivo © 26L Coolbox

Vivo 26L Electric CoolboxThe Vivo 26L is a well designed portable cooler that can be used cool or keep warm food and drinks.

Although its fairly compact this unit has a capacity at 26 litres is very good especially for camping and day-trips. The internal dimensions a sufficient to allow the unit to hold a standing drinks bottle.

This model does not come with a thermostat however the insulation and fan cool the interior down by 15 degrees of ambient temperature, and can also keep food warm to upto 50 degrees. To switch between cool and warm functions you can use a slide switch at the back of the unit.

You cannot completely remove the lid as it is hinged but this ensures the seal remains tight ensuring better temperature regulation. The lid can be locked using the carrying handle that acts as a locking device.

The Vivo 26L is versatile and can be powered using either a mains 240V AC supply or a 12V DC supply from a car cigarette lighter or a battery. In the box you will get a UK mains power cord and a 12V DC cord that plugs into a cigarette lighter power socket.


  • 12V DC and 240V AC
  • 26 litre capacity
  • Cool and Warm function
  • 4.5 Amps at 12v DC.


The Vivo 26L works great as a both a cooling and warming functions. This makes the this model ideal to take on picnics, camping trips and day trips.

This model has received good user ratings with users often giving it 5 stars. It has received over 10 user reviews on Amazon with an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5.0. Click here to see the latest rating on Amazon.

Best Rated

A few of the models in our shortlist made it close to being the best, however we have picked the Waeco/Mobicool U32 as our Best Rated model. With its generous 29L capacity and outstanding user reviews this unit is at the top of the pile.

Best Budget

We think that all of the models in our shortlist provide great value. For us the Best Budget cooler is the VonShef 21L. Although it has a fairly small capacity it is well made and can be connected to a 12V power supply.

Cool Box Buyer’s Guide

Cool boxes are like mini fridges that maintain the freshness of food and beverages. They are especially useful when you are out for a picnic with your family or you are celebrating an important event outside from your home.

They can be split into two categories:

  • Electric
  • Non-Electric


Electric models can simply be plugged into a power supply whether on the move in a car or in the home allowing a user to enjoy the coolness and warmth of this device. These boxes are constructed from high technology insulation and unique sturdy material to maintain the freshness of the contents, whether hot or cold.


Non-electric units rely on the insulation material and a ice bags/ice to keep food items cool.

Why do you need One?

These boxes are not limited to outdoor activities. It can also be used inside the home in order to keep food and liquid contents cold whenever the fridge are full. If you are relaxing and watching television series, you can have this essential device and keep your favorite beverages.

It is definitely a worthwhile investment especially when you and your family are enjoying different indoor and outdoor activities.

How to Pick a Suitable Model

As with any appliance/gadget the market is full of loads of models from various manufacturers, so picking the best one for your needs can be difficult.

Here is a list of the key features you will need to consider when picking a suitable model.

Ability to maintain temperature

The unit should be able to maintain a cold temperature for a period of time. Although there is a variation on the typical temperature maintained in a 12 volt cooler, it is very important to check this in order to avoid hassles and maintenance issues. Its absorption as well as thermo-regulation technology should always be assessed.


Have an idea on the size of your preferred box and take a look on the convenience that it can give to you. Nowadays, there are a number of coolers that are very conveniently useful for picnics, festivals, long term camping and many others.

If you wish to have an electric box that perfectly fits your lifestyle and power source, measure its size and see if it is suitable on your car when plugged. Look for its capacity to store and cool beverages and foods.

Power Source

Check the versatility of the unit. There are boxes that can be connected directly to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter receptacle or through a 12-volt or 240-volt AC adapter. Whichever you want to have, know how the model is operated.


Look for the side handles whether it provides an easy carrying or not. A fold away or easy grip side handles can add convenience to you especially when you are storing heavy beverages. Do not forget also to check the compartments of the cooler box for easy opening.

Power Status Indicator

Most electric models have an active battery security that will give you an idea when the battery runs low. Having this feature will minimize energy consumption as soon as the battery is draining already.


Noise could be an issue especially if your a light sleeper. The fans in electric coolers can lead to a fair amount of noise during operation. However some units will come with different modes that will often lead to a decrease in noise for the fan. Usually a more Eco friendly model will lead to a quieter time with a cooler.


Although these types of coolers are not as great as having a small fridge they are definitely a step ahead of the passive cooler cousins. They make use a fan powered heat ex-changer that is usually found in the lid.

Electric cool boxes are very useful in any ways. Whether you need a small or bigger model the most important thing to consider is the performance it can give to you. Take time to research, compare and ask feedback because it will be a big help in your decision making. As much as possible, purchase a box that is perfectly versatile wherever you go and whatever you are going to do.

It is always good to ask recommendations from friends or loved ones who have had an electric cooler for food and drinks storage. Consider the price of the device and the capacity that it has. Do not forget to make a comparison between the models so that you will have the best for your needs.

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